Friday, October 8, 2010

Outlaws and Stuff

What a drag that the Billings Outlaws had to disband.  It all seems to stem from one big miscommunication, or so the County Commissioners say.  Adam Steadman, co-owner of the Outlaws, was on air with Livin Large Larry this morning.  He is obviously stunned.  So are the fans.  Adam has the video tape of the meeting with County Commissioners where he says he can prove what was really said.  I guess you can't dispute video.  Just ask Paris Hilton.  I feel that the county commissioners have done a disservice to the community for letting the Outlaws die.  It was nice to have a championship caliber team here in Billings and it would have been something to look forward in the renovated Metra.  I would have cut them some slack and tried to keep them, considering they are ultimately a victim of the Tornado from Hell, but what do I know?  I wasn't at the meeting so I can't say for sure what happened. 

Actually I have been to many meetings where I leave not knowing what just happened.  One time I was at a meeting where the boss said the company was going through some "growing pains".  For some reason I thought he said he was having "groin pains" and I spent several nights feeling sorry for him.  One day I suggested that an ice bag in the lap might be helpful.  I got a dirty look.  See why communication is so important?

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