Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Medical Update

I know you are all dying to know which of my body parts has decided to go out on me.  It's my back this time.  I'm limping around like a man twice my age...and yes I mean like a 104 year old.  The only difference between me and a 104 year old is I am not as sharp mentally.  Anyway, I have a slipped disc which is causing me untold amounts of pain.  You know that little chart in the doctor's office that defines pain?  The one where it goes from a yellow smiley face to a red face that looks like it might explode.  Well I look just like the exploding head.  I could go off at any moment.  BOOM!  I guess they are going to give me a shot in the back that will make me feel like I'm 25 again.  I can hardly wait to find out which part is going to go bad next.  I'll bet my warranty has run out too.

By the way Jack had a great birthday yesterday.  I bought him a new flying squirrel toy and he went nuts!  He also had ice cream.  It doesn't suck to be him.

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