Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Biggest Loser

It was an exciting episode of Biggest Loser last night!  By my count, we reached a new crying record.  I counted 64.3 crying incidents per hour...some of it full fledged sobbing.  There was also lots of yelling and grunting.  Why do I watch this every week? makes me feel skinny.  Period.  I'm going to have another Butterfinger before I go on the air today and I don't have to worry about a weigh in.

If there is another human soul who is actually taking the time to read this drivel...please let me know.  I'd hate to think I am pouring out my soul...especially about the Biggest Loser...and nobody is there.  That is exactly how people gain weight.  They blog and nobody reads.  Oh geez...I feel a crying jag coming on.


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