Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Jack's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Golden Retriever Jack.  He is quite simply my best buddy in the whole world.  Oh sure he ignores me when I call him to come in, and he often thinks that it is HE and not ME who is leader of the pack, but he loves me unconditionally and I am crazy about him.  I told my wife, when we were dating, that the only real criteria for her was that Jack had to like her and she had to like him.  She has learned to ignore the massive amounts of hair that we vacuum up weekly, and the giant dog poop in the back yard, and we are now one big happy family.  Jack even has learned to like his "step-puppies" JJ and Jewels.  Jack is 8 years old today and they say that is a doggie senior citizen.  I'm pretty sure that he will live to be 20.  Here's to another 12 years buddy.

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